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Security and Risk Management

We are a leading private security provider, offering a comprehensive risk management capability across Somalia. This includes owning and managing secure accommodation complexes across major cities and towns in Somalia, protective services, journey management solutions, static security and risk management consultancy. Throughout our security division, we maintain a commitment to working with our clients to solve tough challenges for humanitarian, commercial and diplomatic operations. We support a broad range of sectors including shipping, natural resources as well as development and humanitarian efforts.


Our aviation work focuses on promoting mobility and access into difficult regions in the Horn of Africa with the aim of ensuring a seamless maneuverability for passenger, government and security operations even in areas with limited infrastructure and operational facilities. We operate domestic and international scheduled and charter routes in addition to cargo and medical evacuation flights on fixed and rotary assets. In line with contributing to the development of aviation capabilities in the region, we are currently investing in certified maintenance facilities and training of the next generation of pilots, maintenance specialists and ground personnel.


We work on solutions to move people and goods to where they need to be. We believe this is an essential requirement for our vision to contribute to a vibrant economy in the region. Our business provides integrated logistics services including management of inventory, transportation by air, road and sea and storage solutions. We are investing in the establishment of trading zones that catalyze enterprise and ease the movement of goods and people. Taking advantage of the strategic location of Somalia along key shipping routes and a busy airspace, we are now investing in special economic zones alongside governments in the region.

Energy and Extractives

Our region is the most promising frontier for oil, gas and mineral exploration. Our investment is testament to the confidence we have in the region and our concrete contribution to the development of the sector. We have supported seismic survey activities and also scaled up our capabilities to participate in upstream, midstream and downstream ventures. Additionally, we are investing in providing clean and affordable energy by tapping the potential of renewable energy including solar and wind in addition to a sustainable use of non-renewable sources to spur responsible industrialization.


We believe in providing solutions that promote compliance, transparency, ease and opportunities for people and businesses. Our diversified business interests include commercial banking operations, insurance and financial market utilities. More importantly, we focus our investment on extending financial services to the millions of unbanked populations in our region and promoting lending, financial literacy and financial freedom to spur entrepreneurship and local commerce.